First post: All WWV frequencies in 35 seconds

I plan to start posting regular listening logs soon, but I’ve been traveling and have had some other stuff going on.  As a teaser, here is something neat regarding time signal station WWV out of Fort Collins, Colorado (and WWVH out of the island of Kauai, which I often hear underneath the main WWV signal and sometimes as strong as WWV).

WWV silenced their 25 MHz transmitter back in 1977, but have been occasionally running it on a test basis since this April.  I just got back into DXing in June, and once I figured out a reasonable outdoor antenna, I had been trying to hear all 6 frequencies WWV frequencies within a minute (25, 20, 15, 10, 5, and 2.5 MHz).  The 2.5 MHz signal is tough for me because I live very near two fairly strong AM broadcast band transmitters and they cause all sorts of ghosts and aliases into the lower shortwave bands.  But, just after 6:30 UT on July 27th (still July 26th local time) here is my log, with frequencies in kHz:

Got 25000 at 6:34:00, 20000 at 6:34:12, 15000 at 6:34:19, 10000 at 6:34:26,
5000 at 6:34:32, 2500 probably at 6:34:48 and definitely at 6:35:00!
Did an audio recording leading up to 6:36.

Here is the audio recording.  It starts on 25000 at 6:35:25, with a few weak second pulses just audible, then switches to 20000 at 0:08, then the strong signals at 15000, 10000, and 5000, at 0:12, 0:14, and 0:17, respectively.  (I’m tuning using my mouse scroll wheel, so you can hear Radio Havana at 6000 very briefly as I’m tuning.)  A bit of tuning noise, then I sat on 2500 for a while, until the weak, but unmistakable minute pulse sounds at 0:35, followed by the 500 Hz tone over the first several pulses of the new minute.


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