FM DXing from Burlington, VT, August 13th

I’m just finishing up my last major summer traveling, and my last hotel room in Burlington, VT happens to have a covered, northwest-facing balcony.  So, I attached the magnetic base of the 6-inch antenna that came with my DVB-T dongle to the railing and did some FM DXing.  (Shortwave logging will become more frequent once I’m back in the swing of things at home.)

The format is slightly different than my shortwave log format, but should be fairly easy to follow.  The strength scale is: very weak, weak, medium, strong, very strong.  The distances at the end are from  “Webcast” means that I confirmed the station by going to the station’s webcast to match the programming.  Otherwise, I waited for an identification of some sort.  All times are local.

88.1 WXLU, Peru, Public, 2:58pm, medium, 23.1mi
88.5 3:00pm, Public, weak, probably WVPA
88.7 WWPV, Colchester, College, 3:01pm, strong, 3.0mi
89.1 W206AQ (KHRI), Plattsburgh, CC, 3:03pm, weak, 27.5mi
89.3 Religious, 3:04pm, medium
89.7 WKVJ, Dannemora, CC, 3:05pm, medium, webcast, 23.1mi
90.1 WRUV, Burlington, College, 3:06pm, very strong, webcast, 1.1mi
90.3 CKUT, Montreal, College, 3:10pm, weak, webcast, 72.8mi
90.9 WOXR, Schuyler Falls, Classical, 3:12pm, medium, square sidebands, webcast, 23.1mi
91.5 WGLY, Bolton, Religious, 3:13pm, weak, 16.6mi
91.9 WCEL, Plattsburgh, Public, 3:14pm, weak, webcast, 27.7mi
92.1 WVTK, Port Henry, AC, 3:15pm, weak, webcast, 34.1mi
92.5 CFQR, Montreal, AC, 3:18pm, weak, webcast, 72.8mi
92.9 WEZF, Burlington, AC, 3:20pm, medium, 20.3mi
93.3 W227AQ (WNCS), Burlington, AAA, 3:21pm, medium, webcast, 1.0mi
94.9 3:23pm, weak
95.1 Français, 3:25pm, weak, not within 200mi on radio-locator
95.5 WXXX, South Burlington, Top 40, 3:25pm, strong, webcast, 2.6mi
97.5 WTNN, Bristol, Country, 3:28pm, weak, 6.9mi
98.9 WOKO, Burlington, Country, 3:32pm, very strong, 2.7mi
102.3 WIXM, Grand Isle, Hot AC, 3:37pm, medium, 26.4mi
102.7 3:41pm, very weak, two stations
102.9 WCLX, Westport, AAA, 3:41pm, medium, webcast, 20.4mi
103.3 WWMP, Waterbury, Adult hits, 3:43pm, medium, sidebands, 16.6mi
104.1 Français, 3:45pm, weak
104.7 WNCS, Montpelier, AAA, 3:48pm, medium, webcast, 20.0mi
105.1 WKOL, Plattsburgh, Classic Hits, 3:49pm, medium, webcast, 14.8mi
105.7 CFGL, Laval, Français, AC, 3:52pm, weak, webcast, 72.8mi
105.9 WOMM, Burlington, Variety, 3:53pm, medium, webcast, 0.8mi
106.3 WNBZ, Saranac, Top 40, 3:56pm, medium, 35.6mi (WYNY in radio-locator)
106.7 WIZN, Vergennes, Classic Rock, 3:58pm, strong, webcast, 12.0mi
107.1 WNMR*, Dannemora, in progress to switch to Polka format!, 4:03pm, medium
107.3 CITE, Montreal, Français, AC, 4:09pm, weak, webcast
107.9 WVPS, Burlington, Public, 4:10pm, very strong, square sidebands, 20.2mi

*Note: WNMR apparently was a sports station, and has been off the air, but they are playing polka tunes, and their on-air slogan claims that this is their future format.

NOAA Weather Radio:
162.400 KIG60, Burlington (Mt Mansfield), 4:19pm, strong
162.450 KSC43, Gore Mtn, 4:23pm, very weak
162.550 Could be Albany, 4:28pm, very weak



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