Log: 22-meter band, August 16th, 0411-0417UT

Received in central AZ, local time UT – 7 hours, see above links for more information on equipment and log format:

22-meter band (too late in the evening, really):
13850 Radio Cairo in Arabic with some interference (or jamming), +25dB at 4:11,
3 bar (new freq/broadcaster combo)
13760 Voice of Korea in English, +15dB at 4:13, 3 bar, within a repeating
interference pattern I get with this setup
13685 Radio France Intl, +15dB at 4:15, poor, 2 bar (new freq/broadcaster combo)
13650 VO Islamic Republic of Iran in English, 20dB at 4:17, poor, 3 bar (new
freq/broadcaster combo)

Also, +10-15dB signals above the noise for WWV at both 20000 and 25000 at 4:08


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