Log: 25-meter band August 16th, 0422-0435UT

Received in central AZ, local time UT – 7 hours, see above links for more information on equipment and log format:

25-meter band:
12015 Radio Japan from USA in Spanish playing what seems like J-pop, +25dB at
4:22, 3 bar (new freq/broadcaster combo)
11980 Voice of Turkey playing Turkish vocal music, +20dB at 4:23, 3 bar (new)
11918 Ghost of WWV that I seems to always get with this setup
11870 EWTN, +25dB at 4:25, 3 bar
11840 Radio Habana apparently being jammed, +25dB at 4:26, 3 bar
11825 RMI Overcomer but hearing Chinese underneath at times, +35dB at 4:27, 3
11780 RN da Brasilia sounds like some sort of scripted performanc, +35dB at 4:28, 3 bar
11760 Maybe Radio Habana again being jammed
11708 Chinese, maybe a ghost of another station or China Radio Intl off-freq
and off the short-wave.info schedule, +30dB at 4:31
11650 China Radio Intl (?), +15dB at 4:32, interference
11625 Vatican Radio in French, +20dB at 4:33, 2 bar (new)
11580 Radio Free Asia (?) being jammed, +20dB at 4:34
11520 EWTN, +25dB at 4:35, 3 bar
Weird occasional frequency-pulsing signal around 11480

Definitely more interesting than 22-meter band!


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