Log: 41-meter band, August 16th, 0339-0352UT

Received in central AZ, local time UT – 7 hours, see above links for more information on equipment and log format:

41-meter band:

7850 CHU, +20db at 3:39
7772 maybe a ghost?, +15dB at 3:41
7730 Radio Taiwan Intl from Florida in Spanish, +30dB at 3:42, 3 bar, sounds
like a Taiwanese language lesson (this freq is normally RMI religious)
7570 RMI Overcomer, +45dB at 3:44, 4 bar
7505 WRNO, +25dB at 3:45, 3 bar
7490 WBCQ?, +20dB at 3:46, not on short-wave.info schedule now
7455 RMI, +45dB at 3:47, 4 bar, strong, but poor sound quality
7405 Radio Marti in Spanish with ineffective jamming, +40dB at 3:48, 3 bar
7395 Radio Japan from Madagascar in Swahili, +40dB at 3:49, 3 bar
7385 WHRI, +40dB at 3:49, 4 bar
7360 Vatican Radio from Madagascar in Swahili, +40dB at 3:50, 3 bar
7350 Radio Romania Intl playing music, +30dB at 3:51, 3 bar
7340 +15dB at 3:52, but can’t make it out, probably All India Radio
A lot of ham chatter on 40-meter band



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