Log: 31-meter band, August 17th, 0308-0328UT

Received in central AZ, local time UT – 7 hours, see above links for more information on equipment and log format:

10000 WWV+WWVH, +50dB at 3:08
9975 KVOH, +55dB at 3:11, 4 bar, Saturday Night Jazz Sessions (new)
9965 Radio Cairo, +30dB at 3:13, can’t hear it, 3 bar
9955 RMI frequency, but no listing at short-wave.info, +25db at 3:15, could be
their EU News Network show based on content and accents
9815 sounds like jamming
9810 Radio Habana in Spanish, +30dB at 3:17, 3 bar
9790 China Radio Intl from Cuba in English, +60dB at 3:18, 4 bar, news
9690 China Radio Intl from Spain in English, +55dB at 3:21, 3 bar, same as 9790
9660 Vatican Radio in English from Vatican City, +15dB at 3:22, 2 bar
9645 Radio Romania Intl in English, +30dB at 3:23, 3 bar, news broadcast
9620 Radio Exterior de Espana, +30dB at 3:24, 3 bar
9570 China Radio Intl from Albania in Chinese, +35dB at 3:25, 3 bar
9535 Radio Exterior de Espana, +30dB at 3:26, 3 bar, same as 9620
9515 Voice of Turkey, +30dB at 3:27, 4 bar, playing music, interference
9500 BBC from Rwanda in Persian, +45dB at 3:28, 2 bar

A lot of blowhorns tonight wiping out adjacent channels, but seems to be good


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