Log: 19-meter band, August 18th 0425-0444UT

Received in central AZ, local time UT – 7 hours, see above links for more information on equipment and log format:

19-meter band (decided to log this after changing my mind; 2+ hours after sunset)
15490 BBC from Madagascar in Somali with Liverpool soccer highlights, +40dB at 4:25, 2 bar (new freq)
15770 RMI Overcomer, +20dB at 4:26, not listed as on now
15720 Radio New Zealand Intl news broadcast, +40dB at 4:27, 2 bar
15615 Radio Free Asia from Tinian in Chinese begin somewhat ineffectively jammed, +20dB at 4:29, 1 bar (new freq)
15550 Radio Dabanga from UAE in Arabic, +35dB at 4:31, 2 bar
15490 BBC not there now
15360 Mashaal Radio from Germany, +15dB at 4:33, 1 bar (new)
15325 Radio Japan, +25dB at 4:34, 2 bar (new freq)
15300 Radio Australia, +35dB at 4:35, 2 bar
15285 Radio Riyadh, +25dB at 4:36, sounds like an echo chamber, 2 bar
15240 Radio Australia, +25dB at 4:36, 2 bar
15195 Radio Japan, +20dB at 4:37, 2 bar, same as 15325
15190 RMI Overcomer, +25dB at 4:37, 1 bar
15180 Voice of Korea in English, +25dB at 4:38, 3 bar
15170 Multiple?
15160 Radio Australia + plus something with music underneath, +30dB at 4:39 (new freq)
15120 Strong carrier but can’t hear, +35dB at 4:42
15105 Voice of Korea with music, +20dB at 4:43, 1 bar
15000 WWV + WWVH at comparable strengths, +25dB at 4:44

Also had a few good signals on 16-meter band even at this hour.


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