Log: 25-meter band, August 18th, 0246-0259UT

Received in central AZ, local time UT – 7 hours, see above links for more information on equipment and log format:

12105 WTWW with a country music program, but not on short-wave.info, +35dB at 2:43
12005 Voice of Vietnam from England in English, +20dB at 2:46, 3 bar
11995 Radio Taiwan Intl from France in Spanish, +20dB at 2:46, 3 bar (new freq for me)
11955 Radio Romania Intl in Spanish, +25dB at 2:48, 3 bar
11918 ghost of WWV
11880 Carrier but not sound, +20dB at 2:49
11870 EWTN in Spanish, +25dB at 2:49, 3 bar
11840 Radio Habana in Spanish with usual weak audio, +25dB at 2:50, 3 bar
11825 RMI Overcomer, +40dB at 2:50, 3 bar
11780 Radio Nacional da Brasilia, +35dB at 2:51, 3 bar
11670 CNR 2, +25dB at 2:52, 1 bar (new freq for me)
11608 CNR 2 off 11610 freq, +25dB at 2:54, 1 bar, same as 11670
11580 RMI Overcomer but not listed on this freq on short-wave.info, +20dB at 2:56, could be a ghost?
11520 EWTN, +25dB at 2:56, 3 bar
11498 SOH Xi Wang Zhi Sheng off 11500 or a ghost, +20dB at 2:57
11488 ghost of a Chinese station?, +20dB at 2:59
Ionosonde at 2:58 and again



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