Log: 31-meter band, August 18th, 0201-0234UT

Received in central AZ, local time UT – 7 hours, see above links for more information on equipment and log format:

10130 Getting Morse code at 1:23 on CW-L, presumably from a ham
.– —– . .-. . -..– -… . —
W 0 E R E / B E M
Okay, W0ERE is a beacon for propagation in Highlandville, MO; freq is actually 10129.25.

31-meter band:
10000 WWV (no WWVH audible), +40dB at 2:01
9975 KVOH newscast, +35dB at 2:04, 3 bar
9955 RMI Radio Prague from Florida playing some sort of modern music, +30dB at 2:05 but fading in and out a lot (probably due to being near sunset here), 2 bar
9860 Could be Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran, +15dB at 2:08, nearly unintelligible, 3 bar, along greyline (sunrise/sunset terminator)
9810 Radio Habana in Spanish, +35dB at 2:09, 3 bar
Ionosonde at 2:10
9790 Again maybe Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran, +15dB at 2:10, a little better than 9860 but can’t hear well enough to confirm their the same, 3 bar
9690 China Radio Intl from Spain apparent newscast, +45dB at 2:11, 4 bar
9645 Radio Romania Intl playing music, +25dB at 2:13, 3 bar
9620 Radio Exterior de Espana playing some nice classical guitar music with impassioned Spanish vocals, +25dB at 2:17, 3 bar, stayed on this for a while and confirmed identification with their webcast
9580 China Radio Intl from Cuba in Chinese with newscast, +30dB at 2:25, 3 bar
9575 May be Radio Mediterranean Intl from Morocco, but weak signal being squeezed by strong adjacent signals transmissing the same damn thing (from two different locations, but still…)
9570 China Radio Intl from Albania, +35dB at 2:26, 3 bar, same as 9580
9535 Radio Exterior de Espana, +25dB at 2:28, 3 bar, same as 9620
9500 BBC from Rwanda in Persian, +25dB at 2:30, 2 bar
9490 Maybe multiple signals and sounds terrible, +30dB at 2:31
9480 Probably Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran, +15dB at 2:32, poor, 2 bar, I
think this might be the same as 9860, but latter nearly unintelligible
Ionosonde at 2:34 and another

Band pretty noisy this evening, but perhaps not ideal timing.


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