Log: 25-meter band, August 21st 0305-0325UT

Received in central AZ, local time UT – 7 hours, see above links for more information on equipment and log format:

25-meter band:

11918 ghost of WWV
11870 EWTN in Spanish, +25dB at 3:07, 3 bar
11840 Radio Habana, +30dB at 3:08, 3 bar, playing music
11825 RMI Overcomer, +45dB at 3:09, 3 bar
11780 Radio Nacional da Brasilia, +35dB at 3:10, 3 bar, talk
11745 Not on radio-locator schedule, maybe Radio Free Asia, +15dB
11708 China Radio Intl, +40dB at 3:11, news in English, off-freq and off-time, but heard “CRI” ident and a lot of China-related news
11670 Radio Habana, +25dB at 3:18, 2 bar, same as 11840, but getting interference from something else
11608 China Radio Intl, +30dB at 3:19, same as 11708 and also 2 kHz off-freq and not at radio-locator.info time
11580 RMI Overcomer, +20dB at 3:22, not on this freq according to radio-locator
11520 EWTN, +30dB at 3:25, 3 bar



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