Log: 31-meter band, August 21st 0330-0345UT

Received in central AZ, local time UT – 7 hours, see above links for more information on equipment and log format:

31-meter band:

10000 WWV + moderate WWVH, +50dB at 3:30
9965 Maybe Radio Cairo, but interference
9955 RMI (Glenn Hauser’s World of Radio DXing program), +30dB at 3:31, 2 bar, some
pulsing interference and a little hard to hear
9810 Radio Habana in Spanish, +25dB at 3:35, 3 bar
9790 China Radio Intl in English from Cuba, +60dB(!) at 3:36, 4 bar, news
9750 Multiple or jamming
9690 China Radio Intl in English from Cuba, +55dB at 3:37, 3 bar, same as 9790
9660 Multiple
9645 Radio Romania Intl in English with violin music, +40dB at 3:39, 3 bar
9620 Radio Exterior de Espana newscast, +35dB at 3:40, 3 bar
9570 Radio Mediterranean Intl from Morocco in Arabic?, +30dB at 3:41, 2 bar
9535 Radio Exterior de Espana, +30dB at 3:42, 3 bar, same as 9620
9515 Voice of Turkey with music and interference, +25dB at 3:43, 4 bar
9420 Voice of Greece music, +25dB at 3:44, 3 bar

(Went back to RMI for the World of Radio program, but suddenly went off the air at 3:51 mid-sentence.)


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