Log: 49-meter band, August 29th 1008-1030UT

Received in central AZ, local time UT – 7 hours, see above links for more information on equipment and log format:

6185 Weak carrier, but can’t make anything out
6180 Again, weak carrier, but can’t make anything out
6175 CNR 1, +25dB at 10:10, 2 bar, a lot of signal fluctuation
6160 Presumably CKZN/CKZU, +20dB at 10:11, 1 bar
6155 Probably CNR 2, but interference from 6150
6150 Radio Australia in Pidgin with news, +35dB at 10:13, 2 bar
6135 DPRK jamming of Voice of Freedon, latter has carrier, but can’t make out anything
6125 CNR 1, +25dB at 10:17, 2 bar, same as 6175
6115 too weak and noisy
6105 Multiple
6080 Radio Australia, +20dB at 10:19, same as 6150
6070 Probably Voice of Korea, +20dB at 10:20, poor, 3 bar
Ionosonde at 10:20
6055 Radio Nikkei, +25dB at 10:21, 3 bar
6030 Jamming of Radio Marti, and unintelligible even with +25dB signal
6015 KBS from South Korea not jammed, +25dB at 10:23, 2 bar
6003 Echo of Hope and doesn’t seem to be jammed either, +25dB at 10:24, 2 bar
5995 Radio Australia, +20dB at 10:24, 1 bar, same as 6080 and 6150
5935 WWCR University religious, +45dB at 10:25, 3 bar
5890 WWCR Overcomer religious, +35dB at 10:26, 3 bar
5855 Supposed to be Cuban spy numbers but just a strong carrier, +35dB at 10:28; the spy number lady finally started in at 10:29
5850 Caught RMI going off air at 10:30
5830 WTWW religious, +30dB at 10:30, 3 bar

Some of the signal fluctuation this morning may be due to elevated geomagnetic activity (Kp of 3-4)



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