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Log: AM BCB, September 20th, including a milestone

More outdoor DXing with my 50-inch tunable loop, laptop, RTL-SDR dongle, and Ham It Up upconverter on the back patio under starry skies.  All times are UT – 7.  This is an a edited sample of my log. Continue reading


Log: AM BCB, September 10th, 7:40-10:05pm local

This was an interesting night with good propagation from the north and I picked up many Canadian stations.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t positively identify all of them because they all are from the CBC network.  All times are UT – 7.  Anyway, a few catches with my 50-inch loop outdoors:

840 KARS, Belen NM, weak at 8:18pm, 30W(!), webcast with unique song [Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz; that doesn’t show up on AM radio much!] (new)
960 CFAC, medium at 8:44pm, 50000W, NNW-SSE, Calgary ad and “Sportsnet 960 The
Fan”, wasn’t expecting that! (new)
990 NE-SW alignment has news and sounds like it could be Canadian; it is CBC at 9:08pm, seems most likely to be 50000W CBW out of Winnipeg and matches CBC Manitoba
1010 got a match for one station on 1010 for CBC Alberta webcast, but another station with a woman talking which seems to be KIHU Tooele Immaculate Heart Radio
1000 KOMO, Seattle, medium almost strong at 9:30pm, call (not new, but really good signal )
980 KSVC, Richfield UT, medium at 9:30pm, 1000W, call (new)
1060 KDUS, Tempe, weak at 9:44pm, 500W, “NBC Sports Radio AM 1060” and Buckeye car ad (new; this is less than 100 miles away, just hadn’t gotten a good ID to this point)
Too much fading of the two CBC stations at 10pm to listen for calls

Log: AM BCB, September 6th and 7th

I’m still enjoying playing with my homemade 50-inch tunable loop antenna.  I attempted to build a metal-free support for it out of wood and PVC (except for screws at the very bottom).  However, I was unsatisfied at the lack of ease of rotating the loop, and more importantly, I was unable to detect any benefit of the metal-free support over the aluminum tripod you can see in my earlier post. Continue reading