Log: AM BCB, September 2nd, 8-9:30pm local

I’ve been lax on my SW logging because I’ve been going through a major effort to “perfect” my 50-inch tunable AM loop antenna and have been spending some quality time with it out on my back patio.  Isn’t she purty?50-inch loop antenna


All wooden construction except for the capacitor, wire, and connection block.  Well, and the aluminum tripod!  I used wooden dowels to make lumber connections.  I plan a very long post or a series of posts with details of how to build this loop in the near future.

Here is the log from this evening, local sunset was right around 7pm local.  This was actually on the 3rd UT (add 7 hours to the times), but I like to log AM/FM in local time since they are usually within a couple time zones as opposed to shortwave.

900 “Chihuahua, Mexico” at 8:01pm, so presumably XEDT
910 A mess, with three stations, one sports, one religious, and one Spanish
980 KSVC, weak at 8:14pm, have a webcast match, but not confirmed
980 then, an NBC Sports Radio affil, call KFWB at 8:16am
980 then, Spanish music
1010 Again, three stations, one religious, one Spanish, and another
1010 The KXXT webcast matches the Mexican one
1010 CBC Radio One call, medium almost strong (!) at 8:31pm, assuming it’s CBR Calgary, other Radio Ones on freq are in Ontario [not counting]
1020 baseball game in Spanish, so maybe KTNQ?
1020 rotated, another Spanish station, could be KCKN
1030 strong at 8:38pm, probably XESDD
1040 got call on WHO at 8:39pm, but a Spanish station N-S
970 ESPN Radio affil, weak at 8:44pm with interference and another station
970 Spanish station NW-SE, weak at 8:52pm
970 and, a religious station trying to come over the Spanish
970 KIXL, Del Valle TX, weak at 9:00pm with two others, 1000, heard “K-I-eh…” and lost it in the middle of the third letter, but also EWTN mention and it was clearly Catholic content and loop was oriented E-W (new)
970 KBUL, Billings MT, weak at 9:04pm over others, 5000, “NewsTalk 95.5” which is simulcast (new)
1180 weak at 9:22pm, Jim Bohannon show, N-S, probably KOFI Kalispell, but still can’t confirm
1230 KATO, Safford, weak at 9:25pm with many other stations, 1000, very lucky call catch during D-Backs game (new)
1350 KABQ, Albuquerque, medium at 9:31pm but fading, 500, call at 9:33pm, this is 5th closest on freq (new)
Quit at 9:36pm

Once I did a few band scans with weaker antennas, I’ve been somewhat emphasizing filling in “missing” frequencies.  Since I started this recent AM DXing on August 16th, I’ve confirmed 130 stations on 100 out of the 117 BCB frequencies from 540 to 1700, all at my home.  I’m missing the following: 1180, 1220, 1240, 1250, 1270, 1330, 1340, 1390, 1410, 1440, 1460, 1480, 1500, 1560, 1610, 1650, 1660; some of these tend to be crowded, and 1610 is only “Traveler’s Information Stations” (TIS) that operate on very low power, plus a couple “real” stations in eastern Canada.  There are only a few TIS in Arizona and none near me.  So, it’s very unlikely that I’ll pick up anything on that freq except on a car trip.  At home, that might be a good project for leaving a random wire outside all night and letting the SDR software record the freq.


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