Log: 31-meter band, September 6th 0245-0310UT

Received in central AZ, local time UT – 7 hours, see above links for more information on equipment and log format:

10000 WWV + weak WWVH, +45dB at 2:45
9965 Radio Cairo in Arabic, +30dB at 2:47, 3 bar
A lot of fading
9955 RMI Radio Slovakia in Spanish from FL, +25dB at 2:48, 2 bar
9860 Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran in Spanish?, +25dB at 2:50, but poor audio and static, 2 bar
9810 Radio Habana, +30dB at 2:51, 3 bar
Ionosonde at 2:51
9750 Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran in Armenia?, +20dB at 2:53, music but unintelligible, 3 bar
9790 A very strong carrier showed up on the SDR at 2:54, probably China Radio International out of Cuba getting ready to fire up
9690 China Radio International from Spain in Chinese talking about Taiwan, +55dB at 2:56, 3 bar
9665 Multiple possibilities and can’t really make anything out
9620 Radio Exterior de Espana, nice Spanish Jazz, +30dB at 2:58, 3 bar, but music stopped at 3UT for news; dang!
9575 too much interference from 9570
9570 China Radio Intl from Albania in Chinese, +35dB at 3:02, 3 bar
9535 Radio Exterior de Espana, +35dB at 3:03, 3 bar
9515 Voice of Turkey in English with news, +25dB at 3:04, 4 bar
9500 BBC from Rwanda in Persian, +40dB at 3:05, 2 bar
Band somewhat noisy, but good propagation from Europe considering that my random wire is aligned NNE
9480 Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran with Arabic chanting, +25dB at 3:06, 2 bar
9410 BBC from UAE in Arabic, +20dB at 3:07, poor, 2 bar



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