Log: 31-meter band, September 11th 0530-0555UT

Received in central AZ, local time UT – 7 hours, see above links for more information on equipment and log format:

10051 USB mode weather reports, this is a VOLMET station, decent and steady signal, this is almost certainly WSY 70 New York; at 5:35 got call “90535 Zulu”
10128 morse code; this is the W0ERE beacon again at 5:37 (still in USB, so my freq is off)
10000 WWVH + barely audible WWV, +30dB at 5:38
9955 RMI Overcomer, +35db at 5:41, 2 bar
9885 VOA from Botswana in French, +20dB at 5:42, 1 bar (new)
9790 Radio France Intl with serious echo, +20dB at 5:44, 2 bar
9760 Radio Nikkei 2, +25dB at 5:45, 3 bar
9700 Radio Romania Intl also echo-y, +20dB at 5:46, 3 bar
9665 Radio Voz Missionaria, +25dB at 5:47, 1 bar
Ionosondes at 5:48
9595 Radio Nikkei 1, +20dB at 5:50, 3 bar
9575 Radio Mediterranean Int echo-y, +25dB at 5:51, 2 bar
9535 Radio Exterior de Espana with music, +30dB at 5:52, 3 bar
9515 Jamming?
9440 BBC from UK in Hausa and again very echo-y, +25dB at 5:54, 2 bar
9420 Voice of Greece (?), +15dB at 5:55, 3 bar

I’m assuming that the “echo-y” signals I was getting indicates multiple propagation paths due to the recent solar/geomagnetic activity, but not sure.



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