Log: 31-meter band, September 15th 0201-0235UT

Received in central AZ, local time UT – 7 hours, see above links for more information on equipment and log format:

(I’ve set up my SDR software a bit differently, so the signal ratings may be 5dB above what I’ve previously reported, but I will most likely be using a new SDR receiver starting with the next report anyway so that may change the scale.)

10000 WWV + weak WWVH, +50dB at 2:02
9975 KVOH with news, +65dB at 2:02, 4 bar
9955 RMI Radio Prague, +35dB at 2:04, 2 bar
9895 BBC from Oman in Pashto (?), +20dB at 2:05, poor, 3 bar
9885 +10dB carrier
9860 Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran (?), +20dB at 2:07, poor and echo-y, 2 bar
9815 China Radio Intl (?), +15dB at 2:08, poor, 2 bar
9810 Radio Habana in Spanish talking about Bolivia, +35dB at 2:08, 3 bar
9790 Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran in Kazakh with a sudden decrease in volume to make it nearly unintelligible, otherwise +65dB at 2:11, 3 bar
9710 China Radio Intl in Spanish, +25dB at 2:14, poor, 3 bar
9690 China Radio Intl from Spain in Chinese, +55dB at 2:14, 3 bar
9645 Radio Romania Intl in Spanish, +35dB at 2:16, 3 bar
9620 Radio Exterior de Espana, +35dB at 2:17, 3 bar (R.I.P. at the end of theĀ  month; I think they have the best non-English language music, although I don’t really know if it’s mostly interstitial or more intentional)
9595 +15dB carrier but can’t make anything out
9580 China Radio Intl from Cuba in Chinese, +40dB at 2:24, 3 bar
9575 Probably Radio Mediterranean Intl getting squashed again in a sandwich with two slices of CRI
9570 China Radio Intl from Albania in Chinese, +50dB at 2:25, 3 bar; same as
9580 but much broader spillover into adjacent freqs
9535 Radio Exterio de Espana, +35dB at 2:27, 3 bar, same as 9620 but just a bit less fidelity; right now some classical piano music
9520 +15dB carrier, but unintelligible
9500 BBC coming on the air from Rwanda in Persian, +45dB at 2:30, 2 bar
9490 Radio Republica from France in Spanish (?), +35dB at 2:31, poor due to interference or jamming, 3 bar
9480 Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran, +25dB at 2:32, 2 bar
9465 +10dB carrier, but unintelligible
9425 BBC from Madagascar in Persian, +20dB at 2:33, poor, 2 bar
Various ghosts or mixing products or whatever down to 9300

(Went back to 9620 for more music; they sure seem to talk a lot between songs, but this does seem to be a real music program.)


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