Log: AM BCB, September 20th, including a milestone

More outdoor DXing with my 50-inch tunable loop, laptop, RTL-SDR dongle, and Ham It Up upconverter on the back patio under starry skies.  All times are UT – 7.  This is an a edited sample of my log.

I’ll start with one “miss”; I tried most of the morning to get a confirmation of WLW out of Cincinnati, which at 1584 miles would have been my farthest east catch so far.  But, even though I thought I might have heard “W-L-W” once and had a webcast match and the loop was peaking at the proper azimuth, it was a network program, so I couldn’t be sure.  The main problem is that KALL out of Salt Lake City is quite strong here and I was also getting a Spanish-language station, too, when pointed towards WLW.

Note: “call” means that I actually heard the call letters, and the number of miles is to the actual transmitter, not just city-to-city distances:
670 two stations NNW-SSE at 2:55am
670 KBOI, Boise, weak at 2:56am, 50000W, call, 648 miles (new)
690 “Messenger Furniture”; forecast for SE Kansas at 3:04am
690 KGGF, Coffeyville KS, weak at 3:05am, 5000W, call, 968 miles (new)
790 XESU, Mexicali BN, medium at 4:58am, 250W, “La Dinamica”, 212 miles (new)
[With Mexican stations, I sometimes rely on slogans from Fred Cantu’s site and the limited number of transmitters on any particular frequency. The wattages may be quite wrong in some cases.]

Back out after sunset:
1430 KLO, Ogden UT, medium at 7:19pm, 5000W, call, 451 miles (new)
1390 XEKT, Tecate BN, medium at 7:23pm SW-NE, 500W, “ocho ocho cinco F-M” and webcast match (new freq) [This station simulcasts on 88.5 FM as per Fred Cantu’s site.]
1340 English talk show WNW-ESE at 7:28pm, C2C [Coast To Coast AM], but also a Spanish station and others
1340 KTOX, Needles, weak at 7:30pm, 1000W, lucky call through a mess, 124 miles (new freq; all but 1610 now!!)

So, that was the milestone; receiving a station on every U.S. AM BCB frequency from 540 to 1700 kHz since I started logging on August 16th! I haven’t heard anything on the two very low-power “Traveler’s Information System” frequencies of 530 and 1610 kHz, but those aren’t “real” broadcasters and there aren’t any of those stations anywhere near me.  (These loggings are all from my residence.)  There are a couple Canadian stations on 1610 kHz, but a long way from here. I have cheated a little bit, because there are a few U.S. frequencies where I’ve only picked up a Mexican station.  I’m up to 179 stations on the 116 frequencies.


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