Log: AM BCB, October 2nd through 5th

More outdoor DXing with my 50-inch tunable loop, laptop, RTL-SDR dongle, and Ham It Up upconverter on the back patio under starry skies.  All times are UT-7.  This is an a edited sample of my log with extra comments.

October 2nd:
Worked from about midnight to 1am and picked up two new stations with TOH identifications, including a major milestone.

700 XEGD, Hidalgo del Parral CH, weak at 12:00am, 1000W, 99% sure I got the call letters! (new)
750 KAMA, El Paso TX, medium at 1:00am, 1000W, call en Español “kah-ah-emay-ah”, also “Univision” and have a recording (new; 200th at location!)

Back out from about 8-10pm:
550 KLLV, Breen CO, weak at 8:38pm (have recording), 1800d, “Radio from the Heart, K-L-L-V, Breen” way past their bedtime (new)
[This is a daytime-only station, broadcasting nearly 3 hours past local sunset.]

690 almost 100% sure that I was listening to CBKF out of Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan, but Canadian stations are very bad about identifying themselves and this is from the French-language network Ici Radio Canada; couldn’t officially log this one

October 3rd:
Out from 9:30pm on the 3rd to 1:30am on the 4th; was very tired and was only going to stay out for an hour, but had good conditions, so stayed out.
1120 KMOX, St. Louis MO, weak at 9:46pm, 50000W, call (new)
[This is, of course, one of the old clear-channel stations and they were in the post-game of a Cardinals playoff game. This is 1274 miles away, so it’s not a gimme, and when my loop was aligned for St. Louis, I was also getting an Asian-language station from the west, maybe KZSJ out of California.]

1130 CKWX, Vancouver BC, weak (but medium carrier) at 10:03pm, 50000W, local news/ads and slogan and webcast; still on recording (new)
[Again, Canadians don’t ID very much, but this was a no-brainer with all of the local Vancouver-area ads, the all-news format, and also the “News 1130” slogan. Another 1200+ miler.]

1130 KWKH, Shreveport LA, medium at 10:14pm E-W, 50000W, call twice but didn’t get recording (new)
[Pretty cool; two “near-clear-channel” stations on the same frequency over 1000 miles away within a few minutes of each other, since their directions are perpendicular and I could null one out for the other.

1140 KGEM, Boise ID, weak at 11:59pm, 10000, barely got call (new)
[Struggled with this one for quite a while, trying to get a positive ident. I heard the Catholic “EWTN” mentioned, but still wanted to get something better. Missed the TOH call at 11pm due to a Mexican station fading in, but got it at midnight. Also, another log of KNWQ out of Palm Springs in the KGEM null.]

October 4th:
Continued after midnight:
1260 KPOW, Powell WY, medium at 1:00am, 1000, call (new)
Went after a repeat of XECF out of Los Mochis, Sinoloa; supposedly 500W at night, but at 635 miles, that’s may or may not be right.

Started up again just before midnight:
1520 KKXA, Snohomish WA, weak at 11:42pm in KOKC null NNW-SSE, 50000W, call (new)
[The call is “KXA”, which is how they identify themselves as a homage to an old station KXA; just over 1000 miles.]

October 5th:
Continued on until 3am:
1580 KREL, Colorado Springs CO, weak at 12:20am, 140W, call (new)
[140W, my left buttcheek! This was challenging due to the 50,000-watt Mickey Mouse operation KMIK out of the Phoenix metro, but there’s no way I was getting a frequently excellent signal at times from KREL at their nighttime 140W at more than 500 miles.  The “weak” report was when I happened to hear the call letters.  Daytime power is 10000W, which seems more like it. There have been other on-line reports of this station cheating.]
Struggled unsuccessfully with some Mexican stations at 1590 and 1600.
1600 KTUB, Centerville UT, medium at 1:01am, 1000W, call (new)
[This is Spanish-language ESPN Deportes, but was also getting a likely Mexican station at times. Centerville is in the Salt Lake City area with a distance of 441 miles.]
1650 KSVE, El Paso TX, weak at 1:12am also recorded rough call which I need to confirm, 850W, call (new)
[Did confirm the English call with a Spanish accent, K-S-V-eh. Exactly 400 miles away. I’ve had this one before, but finally got a confirmation.]

Then came the big oddity of the night. On 1680, KGED out of Fresno had a strong carrier, but dead air from 1:17-1:58am.  Shortly after KGED abruptly came back on mid-sentence, I got their call.  But, in that very quiet dead carrier, kept getting a faint station fading in and there’s only one other 1680 west of Louisiana.  Did not hear call, but got a webcast match:
1680 KNTS, Seattle, very weak at 1:28am, 1000W, webcast and freq (new)
That’s 1045 miles; shows what a 1kW signal can do without anything else interfering!

Ran out of band at 1700, so had to go to a new frequency range:
1310 KFKA, Greeley CO, weak at 2:35am, 1000W, barely got call though noise (new)
1320 KCTC, West Sacramento CA, weak at 2:47am, 5000W, “Sacramento’s ESPN” (new)
1330 KWKW, Los Angeles CA, medium at 3:01am, 5000W, “ESPN Deportes” and freq
[Okay, that’s probably being a little loose with the confirmation, but there are fewer than 40 AM Spanish ESPN stations, and the only other one on 1330 is in Florida.]

Some good sessions! Up to 214 stations from 21 states, 6 Mexican states, and 2 Canadian provinces.


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