Log: AM BCB, October 15th-20th, with recordings

More AM broadcast band DXing with my 6-foot diagonal wooden-frame “loopzilla”, RTL-SDR dongle, Ham It Up combo from the back patio.  Includes audio of several station identifications.

October 15th, PM (MST)
730 XESOS, Aqua Prieta SO, medium at 9:00pm (0400UT), 300W, call (new; 277mi)
Here is my recording of the 9pm (0400UT) TOH call for the station. Note they give “XHSOS” first, then “XESOS”. “XH” prefixes are FM stations and “XE” prefixes are AM stations. As in the US, a lot of Mexican stations simulcast on AM and FM bands. Also, you can hear them give the city and state. However, I think the license is actually for nearby El Sifon.

October 18th, PM (MST)
Worked hard trying to get idents for stations on 1230, 1240, 1250, 1270, and 1290 for quite a while, but no dice.
1330 KWFM, South Tucson AZ, medium at 8:31pm (0331UT), 5000W, slogan and city (new; 180mi)
This is practically a local, but I hadn’t logged it yet. They were in their “Saturday Night Disco” program.

1350 KTIK, Nampa ID, weak at 8:49pm (0349UT), 1000W, call (new; 658mi)
This was a pretty good one that I had to work for. They were broadcasting an ECHL hockey game between the Idaho Steelheads and the Utah Grizzlies and I caught the ident right after the end of the game. Here is the ident:

1360 KLSD, San Diego, weak at 9:00pm (0400UT), 1000W, call (new; 293mi)
This was a lucky catch with the station fading in right at the TOH for their call letters. Obviously a fairly close station, but I don’t work this frequency area as much because I have two 1kW transmitters at 1450 and 1490 kHz within 2 miles of my location. Fortunately, 1490 goes off the air at midnight, which reduces frequency mixing products in my receiver.

Worked 1370 for a long time, but couldn’t get an indent from a presumably Mexican station nor from an Asian-language station that kept interfering with each other

October 19th, PM (MST)
1700 is dominated here by XEPE, the English language ESPN affiliate for the San Diego area whose city of license is Tecate just over the border in Baja California. It’s tough to get an ID for this station, but I happened to tune in at 10:19pm (0519UT) when they were running a Spanish language program that sounded like the equivalent to the “public service” programs that US stations are required to run that nobody listens to. Anyway, I continued working in the X-band (1620-1700 kHz) not getting anything new, until right before 11pm (0600UT). That gave me a great audio clip with the end of the Mexican national anthem, a call letter ident, and right into ESPN network coverage:

1620 WTAW, College Station TX, weak at 11:05pm (0605UT), 1000W, call (new; 982mi)
Hearing a “W” call on X-band caught me by surprise! I’m used to only getting KSMH out of Sacramento on this freq, and there’s only one other 1620 left that I have a good chance at, KOZN out of the Omaha area. Here is the call:

1550 KXEX, Fresno CA, strong at 11:59pm (0659UT), 2500, call (new; 409mi)
This is one I’m sure I’ve heard before, but it’s Spanish, and I’ve just never been able to confirm the call. On the other hand, this was quite a strong signal, so I think I may have been lucky with the propagation this time and their nighttime pattern does show a decent lobe of energy in my general direction. Here is the call coming through loud and clear:

Continued to work after midnight on some stuff in the 1400s, but just couldn’t get IDs on a few stations that I was 90% sure about.



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