Log: AM BCB, November 4th: Election day odds and ends

More AM broadcast band DXing with my 6-foot diagonal wooden-frame “loopzilla”, RTL-SDR dongle, Ham It Up combo from the back patio. Includes audio of several station identifications.

November 4th, 2014:

1600 KYBC, Cottonwood AZ, weak at 4:59pm (2359UT), 1000d, call (new), 30 miles
Even with a mountain range in the way, this is an easy daytime local that I pick up in my car, but at night it drops to just 46 watts and I just hadn’t officially logged it at home. It runs a “nostalgia” format with hits from the 1940s and 50s.

I made a half-hearted attempt to look for carriers on the 9-kHz spacing plan of Europe on the off chance that I could get a trans-Atlantic signal, but that was fruitless as usual. Then, I decided to work one of the “graveyard” frequencies with a sea of low-power stations. A half-hour of that yielded a new station:
1230 KEXO, Grand Junction CO, weak at 5:59pm (0059UT), 1000W, call (new), 382 miles
In typical graveyard fashion, the station rose out of the murk just in the nick of time for a top-of-the-hour (TOH) identification:

For the next two hours, I methodically worked through the 1000s and into the 1100s, including some quick frequencies where I’m unlikely to pick up anything new with my current set up. Up at 1150, out of the blue I heard “Sports Radio 1150 KSAL”
1150 KSAL, Salina KS, weak at 7:57pm (0257UT), 5000W, call (new), 881 miles
This is only my second log on this frequency, but there are more stations out there that I should be able to get; I think I’ve just had bad luck.

I continued scanning up the dial, and stuck around on 1190, trying to identify a country music station. I didn’t get call letters, but a webcast match with specific songs on this relatively empty frequency was enough:
1190 CFSL, Weyburn SK, weak at 8:15pm (0315UT), 5000W, webcast and specific format (new), 1121 miles
I’ve actually heard this one before, but hadn’t been sure.

Finally, just two ticks up the dial, I came across a strong station that I presumed was in the state as it was giving election results. They might have still been on their daytime 10000 watt power since they usually don’t dominate the frequency. Anyway, I was able to figure it out fairly quickly, but waited around to log and record their call letters.
1210 KEVT, Sahuarita AZ, strong at 9:18pm (0418UT), 1000W, call (new), 194 miles
Sahuarita is basically a small town about 10 miles south of Tucson and it’s not clear why the radio license is for that town specifically. Anyway, you won’t have to strain to hear this one:


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