Log: AM BCB, November 15th: A milestone

More AM broadcast band DXing with my 6-foot diagonal wooden-frame “loopzilla”, RTL-SDR dongle, Ham It Up upconverter combo from the back patio. Includes audio of several station identifications, best heard with headphones.

I actually started just before midnight on the 14th, but didn’t get anything at the top of the hour. I worked a bit on the 900s, but that wasn’t really going anywhere, so off to 1230, one of the “graveyard” frequencies. That worked out, and I picked up a semi-local station right before the next top of the hour:
1230 KAAA, Kingman AZ, weak at 12:59am (0759UT), 1000W, call (new), 100 miles
I did a bit more processing on this one than usual, but the call is pretty clear other than the annoying affectation of rushing through the call as fast as possible:

After that, I developed a problem with my rig. It tuned out that a piece was loose on my tuning capacitor, but it took me a while to figure that out and fix it, and I ended the night early. That left me at 293 stations logged from here since August 15th. You can see where this is going now…

I haven’t done much daytime DXing, and this time of year the normal daytime “groundwave” propagation can be supplemented by the usual nighttime “skywave” propagation even before sunset due to the lower sun angle during the day. But, it was a Saturday and after sleeping in and taking care of a few usual weekend odds and ends, I set up at 4pm.

I had picked up this one in the car driving to Phoenix, but I got it at home. They generally identify as “KFYI2” as an adjunct to 550 KFYI, but they are actually KOY, so I logged them in the “slogan” category. It’s worth noting that they broadcast in HD, and I did get an HD signal and “KOY” popped up on the car display on that occasion when they also identified as KFYI2.
1230 KOY, Phoenix AZ, weak at 4:01pm (2301UT), 1000, slogan (new), 79 miles

I tried for the next half-hour for specific stations that I should be able to get on daytime power, maybe with a little help from early skywave (local sunset was 5:25pm/0025UT). That finally paid off with one from a lonely section of I-40:
1270 KDJI, Holbrook AZ, weak at 4:36pm (2336UT), 5000W, call (new)
This is definitely not a good audio and I couldn’t figure a good noise processing solution; you can hear the announcer say “KVWM and KDJI” in the middle. (KVWM is the sister station in nearby Show Low.)

An interesting one I’ve picked up in my car is 1060 KXPL out of EL Paso, when it is still on daytime power just after local sunset. It can dominate the frequency here on skywave until it goes off the air after dark. After daylight savings time ends in November, they have to dramatically reduce power if they want to stay on past 5pm local time, which is 4pm local time here when we’re all on standard time. However, stations can “forget” to crank down the power, and also the FCC can give stations special dispensation to stay at full power longer than usual:
1060 KXPL, El Paso TX, medium at 4:58pm (2358UT), 10000W, call (new), 392 miles
The station is Spanish language, but U.S. stations must ident in English at least once per hour.

Speaking of skywave propagation before sunset, I was quite surprised on 1000 when KOMO out of Seattle came blaring in at 5:11pm! That’s 1032 miles away, 14 minutes before my local sunset and 21 minutes before their sunset. However, when two locations are both very near the terminator between night and day, that can sometimes enhance propagation.
On the other hand, KOMO is not a rare visitor here at night. Their main antenna lobes point north-northeast and south, but they are at a Great Circle azimuth of 333 degrees from me, so they still deliver good power this way from the 50000-watt transmitter.

I went up to 1550 to specifically get KUAZ, Public Radio out of Tucson. I had heard it sign off in the car at 5:30pm a few days before and they did it again tonight. This is probably the easiest station I hadn’t logged yet:
1550 KUAZ, Tucson AZ, medium at 5:29pm (0029UT), 50000W, call (new), 170 miles
Hear the station sign off, and then the carrier suddenly disappears, leaving a Spanish-language station in its wake; either KXEX Fresno CA, or XEBG Tijuana:

I worked 750 trying to get a Mexican station, but ended up picking up a new Nevada station, possibly still on day power at that point:
750 KHWG, Fallon NV, medium at 5:47pm (0047UT), 10000d/250n, call (new), 485 miles
Coming out of a country song, into the ID:

I’m not sure why, but I quickly ended up at 1090, where I had only logged Mexico and Texas. This one worked out really well! I put the loop W-E at 6:15pm and caught mention of “Plainview”, my Texas station. So, off to SSE-NNW and within a couple of minutes, I was listening to a weather forecast for Bozeman MT, and very quickly got the call letters during an ad and then a “real” call as the station was fading out:
1090 KBOZ, Bozeman MT, weak at 6:19pm (0119UT), 5000W, call (new), 769 miles
Note the cold weather forecast, then the ad mentioning the call letters, and then the “singing” call letters leading into “Big Girls Don’t Cry”:

299 stations!

I tuned down one notch to 1080, and immediately had a mention of “kscohealth.com”, and then I got a webcast match to confirm the station:
1080 KSCO, Santa Cruz CA, weak at 6:23pm (0123UT), 5000W, call (new), 559 miles
It’s a rather “eclectic” local station befitting the Santa Cruz vibe, and they sell supplements on their website:

Stats for first 300 stations:
US (239; 24 states)
AZ – 47 (out of 72); CA – 59; CO – 25; TX – 18; UT – 23
IA – 2; ID – 8; IL – 2; KS – 4; LA – 2
MN – 2; MO – 2; MT – 4; ND – 2; NE – 2
NM – 9; NV – 6; OH – 1; OK – 4; OR – 2
PA – 2; TN – 1; WA – 7; WY – 5
Mexico (51): BN – 17; CH – 17; CI – 1; CS – 1; DF – 1; DU – 1; NL – 1; SI – 6; SO – 6
Canada (8): AB – 4; BC – 2; SK – 2
Cuba (2)

Distance (miles):
>2000 – 2
1500-1999 – 4
1000-1499 – 27
750- 999 – 29
600- 749 – 24
500- 599 – 47
400- 499 – 34
300- 399 – 43
200- 299 – 38
100- 199 – 25
50- 99 – 21 (out of 25)
0- 49 – 6 (out of 6)

Nearest miss: 600 KVNA, Flagstaff (65 miles)
Most distant: 530 Radio Rebelbe, Guantanamo CU (2478 mi)
Longest overland: 1060 KYW, Philadelphia PA (2067 mi)
Most distant graveyarder: 1240 KFBC, Cheyenne WY (617 mi)

But, there’s always more DXing out there to be had, so I kept going for a while, spending a half-hour getting my 301st station here, another Mexican, presumed still on day power:
970 XESW, Cuidad Medera CH, weak at 7:06pm (0206UT), 5000W, call (new), 448 miles
My 18th Chihuahuan and 52nd Mexican so far; I was fortunate to persevere long past the top of the hour to get this full ident (note the FM translator XHSW first, then XESW):


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