Log: AM BCB, November 30th, audio from Japanese station?

More AM broadcast band DXing with my 6-foot diagonal wooden-frame “loopzilla”, RTL-SDR dongle, Ham It Up upconverter combo from the back patio in Prescott, AZ.

This is just a brief page so I can get a sanity check from the IRCA list on whether I really picked up Japanese station 774 JOUB. In the audio, one can hear splatter from 770 KKOB, and variations in the noise as I play with filter settings, but the main constant audio seems to be Japanese. There’s no particular need to listen past the first minute, I just wanted to get this out quick:

Thanks for listening!

Oh, here’s a screen shot from Gqrx (not as strong as when I was getting audio):

Edit on the evening of the 30th:
First, the previous recording was from 1211UT. Here are two more snippets of audio from around 1115UT that may be a bit more intelligible than the first:


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