Log: AM BCB, March 4th, trans-Pacific reception

AM broadcast band DXing with:
Antenna 1: 6-foot diagonal wooden-frame loop
Antenna 2: 23-foot “fishing rod” vertical with MFJ-1020C amplified pre-selector
Combiner: Quantum Phaser
Receiver: RTL-SDR dongle, Ham It Up upconverter into laptop

I happened to be up super early and was rewarded with a little bit of trans-Pacific activity. Oddly, the peak of the activity seemed to be around 4:30am, more than 2 hours before sunrise, while the later activity was generally weak. It was a little disappointing that things didn’t keep improving toward sunrise as is often the case. Unattended recordings with my software defined radio (SDR) had yielded progressively stronger signals for presumed HLAZ 1566 kHz out of Korea over the previous three mornings, at best being marginal audio. Propagation went up a significant notch today and the star of the morning was HLAZ. As usual, this is more about getting the audio signal at all as opposed to getting “armchair” quality.

Here is some operatic-sounding music 3:52am (1052UT), a relatively strong signal for so early in the morning:

The best signal was later, with this audio from around 4:31am (1131UT):

The second best station was presumed JOUB on 774 kHz out of Japan. The audio was pretty weak, but I did hear a voice at 3:46am (1046UT), before I started recording. The following recording isn’t much, but if you listen carefully you can hear the time pips leading to the top of the hour at 5am MST/12UT, under splatter from adjacent domestic stations:

There were also weak carriers on 747 (also Japan), and 1593 (presumed China), and maybe at a couple other frequencies.


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