Log: AM BCB, March 8th, more trans-Pacific reception

AM broadcast band DXing with:
Antenna 1: 6-foot diagonal wooden-frame loop
Antenna 2: 23-foot “fishing rod” vertical with MFJ-1020C amplified pre-selector
Combiner: Quantum Phaser
Receiver: RTL-SDR dongle, Ham It Up upconverter into laptop

Unlike previous mornings this month, there was some low-band action. NHK 2 was already producing weak audio on 774 kHz (JOUB) at 3:38am (1038UT), with a carrier visible on the SDR display at 747 kHz (presumed JOIB). I managed to hear the top-of-the-hour time pips from JOUB at 4am, 5am, and 6am (11-13UT), but it was never very strong at those times. During this time, NHK 2 was in their Sunday night “culture” block, which tends to be rather dry talking/lecturing, and by the time they were to be in more lively programming after 13UT, it had mostly faded out, except for one brief minor resurgence very near local sunrise at 6:53am (1353UT). As usual, phasing down 770-KKOB out of Albuquerque was helping 774 stand apart. As far as 747, it produced the weakest possible audio a couple times, but nothing better than that.

Here is some decent audio from 774 at 5:11am (1211UT), probably about the best of the morning; note that the signal was steady with no fading at this point:

And a piano interlude leading up to the time pips at 6am (13UT):

Meanwhile, 1566-HLAZ from Korea wasn’t very impressive until a big pre-sunrise enhancement just like on the 5th. This was the best at around 6:35am (1335UT), with other high-band carriers visible at times, with marginal audio on 1593 kHz, probably China. HLAZ is a Christian station and the best audio was during some choral music:


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