Monthly Archives: June 2015

Log: FM E-skip, June 17th

Conditions seem to be staying more summer-like and I had a good opening to eastern Iowa and western Illinois this afternoon that lasted for an hour. I can certainly understand why people get addicted to chasing E-skip! It’s pretty exciting flipping (or clicking, in my case) from frequency to frequency trying to catch identifications from the various stations that are flaring up. With an SDR, I can see the stations flaring up, so doing live DXing is sort of like a game of “whack-a-mole”. Continue reading


Log: FM E-skip, June 16th

I was quite sick the day before, so I couldn’t really do much except sit around and wait for some interesting propagation that didn’t happen. But, today was a little better both on the health front and on the E-skip front. Continue reading