Log: FM E-skip, June 14th

By all accounts, this has been a lousy “summer” for long-distance FM reception via ionospheric E-skip, but persistence paid off and I had a good opening to Minnesota and one out-of-place log from Kansas. All times MST (UT-7).

First, 92.3 KKGQ Newton KS, 100kW, 874mi, just north of Wichita, giving their q92wichita.com website at 4:50pm MST:
This was out of place with the rest of the stations, but I still think it was E-skip and not meteor scatter.

Then, the Minnesota onslaught began. There were many flare ups I could see at various frequencies with my relatively new Airspy SDR, but I decided to work this one “live” and didn’t do a raw recording of the entire 10 MHz. So, I may have missed some stations.

Here’s 96.5 KJJK Fergus Falls MN, 100kW, 1183mi, 5:02pm MST. I got an ad for a business in Fergus Falls, and then just barely caught “KJ Country”, which is their slogan just as it was fading out:

Next, 94.9 KQDS Duluth MN, 100kW, 1356mi, 5:31pm. I caught “…Red Rock Radio Corporation” at 5:31pm, of which KQDS is the only 94.9 station, into Boston’s “More Than A Feeling”. Then, a little later, I got a webcast match. Unfortunately, I just got the end of the word “Corporation” recorded, so I’m not including that.

My favorite catch of the day was 94.5 KSTP St. Paul MN, 100kW, 1253mi, 5:55pm. I got their “KS95” slogan, then their phone number, and the signal briefly sounded almost like a local station:

I likely got 93.7 KXXR out of Minneapolis based on their “93 X” slogan, but that seemed a little too generic to log.

That was pretty exciting! I was getting pretty frustrated at having so little activity after going through the effort to start FM DXing, but I’m happy with this. I’m using a 6-element Yagi antenna (Antennacraft FM6) mounted 7.5 feet off the floor indoors because I can’t permanently install an outdoor antenna and haven’t figured out a good temporary mounting to get the 15-foot height I want outdoors. But, people have done this sort of thing with indoor “rabbit ears” antennas, so a lot of this is about monitoring at just the right time for a strong ionospheric cloud to be in the right place.

[Edit – Corrected “NM” to “MN” in two of the logs; duh on me!]


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