Log: FM E-skip, June 16th

I was quite sick the day before, so I couldn’t really do much except sit around and wait for some interesting propagation that didn’t happen. But, today was a little better both on the health front and on the E-skip front.

By around 12:15pm MST, I was getting little flare ups on 90.5 MHz, and this ended up being an “American Family Radio” affiliate. They don’t list any affiliates in the region on 90.5, so this may have been E-skip out to the east. By 12:32pm MST I was getting country music on 94.5, which is not normal. I soon got a good slogan ID from them, 94.5 KKLR Poplar Bluff MO, 100kW, 1245mi, 12:33pm MST.

Right after that, I had to be away from home for a few hours, so I started an SDR recording of my Airspy. The big problem is that recording the full 10MHz coverage uses 4.8GB of storage per minute. Even with a 1TB SSD in my laptop, with other stuff on there, I can only get about 2:40 of coverage and that creates a 760GB file! It’s not easy to go through a file that size, especially when you are trying to also monitor current conditions. I end up copying the file to a backup drive (which takes 2 hours), splitting it up into manageable pieces, and looking at it a little at a time.

It turns out that the opening to Missouri was just a tease, but I got lucky and had a later weak opening to Canada for about 15 minutes. I managed one log, for 94.1 CFGW Yorkton SK, 100kW, 1270mi, 1:49pm MST. It flared up several times, and in addition to the following clip, there was a later mention of “right off Highway 10 in Melville” which is just down the road from Yorkton.

As that was ending, I had a brief flare up on 88.9 with a French-language ballad! One might expect this to be another Canadian station, and it may very well have been the CKSB Ici Musique network rebroadcast out of Regina SK (the main transmitter being in Winnipeg on 89.9), but there’s no way to know, and one big disadvantage of doing unattended recordings is that you can’t check a live webcast.


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