Log: FM E-skip, June 20th, preliminary summary

I was blessed with a major E-skip opening on the 20th. In addition to “live” DXing, and some single-channel audio recordings, I did almost 2 hours of SDR recordings with my Airspy. That provides almost 10 MHz of coverage (the edges of the bandpass tend to not be useful), amounting to around 47 channels available in a single recording. During this event, there were multiple distant stations on most clear frequencies cross-fading in and out, so I pretty much had to fully listen to around 47×2 hours of audio. I also wanted to assess how persistent stations were, so I kept listening for additional identifications of stations even after I had them securely logged. Also, I extracted recordings for nearly all of the stations, so that took additional time. The SDR recordings were biased toward the lower frequencies, so I probably missed a lot of high-band stations.

Anyway, after 2 California stations early in the afternoon, the main opening to Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Missouri ran from about 3:20-6:40pm MST (2220-0140UT), but only one station was logged after 5:30pm. I was able to log 13 stations in the main opening with live station-by-station tuning, and an additional 84 stations on the SDR recordings. Out of the 97 total stations, 96 were logged within a 123-minute period.

I hope to do some more analysis on this event, and put up a page of recordings (or at least the most interesting ones), but I’ve finally made it to the point where I put together Google Map of the stations. When you click on one of the dots, you will see the frequency, call letters, city and state of license, and power in Watts. My approximate location is the dot in Arizona.

A few brief notes:
1) The Lubbock station was sort of a fluke and fairly close for E-skip at 612 miles, but was coming in at the same time as stations more than 1000 miles away on other frequencies
2) The three stations in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas were all together at the end of the opening
3) The most distant station was 92.3 WRKN Laplace LA at 1308 miles
4) The lowest powered station was 100.3 KZQX Tatum TX at 2450 Watts


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