Log: AM BCB, September 20th, more trans-Pacific reception

(7’x24′ Conti superloop pointed 320 degrees, RTL-SDR dongle with upconverter, coverage only up to around 1400kHz due to filtering)

This was an interesting morning as there was a strong geomagnetic storm overnight, although that usually doesn’t affect things this far south. The early peak just after Japanese sunset was decent with weak audio from 747 and 774 kHz already by 0913UT (2:13am MST). That continued off and on for another half-hour. The main peak before local sunrise started shortly after 12UT. I didn’t get the large number of carriers or as many frequencies with audio, but 774-JOUB (Akita, Japan, 500kW) delivered the best audio I’ve had this month.

1204UT – 747 audio being persistent and almost intelligible
This was followed by a fairly long period of only carriers
1242UT – 774 picked up a lot, and up to medium audio at 1243UT
1248UT – 774 medium audio again, a man talking
1258UT – 774 medium-good audio again, a man still talking, into the TOH 3+1 pips
1300UT – 774 a bit of a fade out, but stronger again for a bit

Here is a longish recording from 774 starting at 12:58:00UT. Just for perspective, the recording starts out before the audio became intelligible, but quickly rises up to a nice level. It fades out again after the TOH pips, but the recording continues and the signal comes back for a bit before dropping below intelligibility for good. If you don’t want to listen to the whole thing, the best audio is from about 0:30-2:00 in the file:

There were decent carriers at times on 594, 693, 828, 972, and 1053, but not much more than that.


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