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Log: AM broadcast band, March 10th, good trans-pacific reception

Although I was making an SDR recording, I also worked this one live. Activity was already in progress when I started a little before 1200 UT (5am MST), and this turned into quite good reception. It started out mostly on the low-end of the band, but the upper-end kicked in by around 1225 UT. The best activity was during the 12UT hour, with a decrease near the end of the hour. Some stations were doing pretty well after 13UT, including 1566 HLAZ out of Korea, but in general activity wasn’t very good then. Activity totally fizzled out by local sunrise at 1347 UT (6:47am). The real surprise was the strength of 1134, presumably HLKZ out of Korea, producing brief bursts of fair audio. First a summary, then some audio samples. Continue reading