Amateur radio: Technician licensing exam

As noted in my recent upcoming projects post, I had three goals for this month. The video blog has debuted, and I’m still working on more material concerning this spring’s trans-Pacific AM broadcast band reception. But, a couple weeks ago I signed up for the local bi-monthly testing session to take the Technician exam, which is the first-level amateur radio licensing exam. The exam is relatively straightforward, and the question banks for all three exam levels are available online for studying. Even though you only need 26 out of 35 to pass, I got it in my head to try for a perfect score, which I accomplished this morning. Now I have to wait for my official application to get processed by the FCC before I get a call sign and can get on the air.


One thought on “Amateur radio: Technician licensing exam

  1. Carl W. Dabelstein

    Congrats on passing your technician exam. This is my 55th year as a licensed ham. I enjoy both ham radio and DXing the BCB and LW bands as well. Looking forward to talking to you on the air someday.



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