Log: FM E-skip, June 13th

A significant sporadic-E (E-skip or Es) opening or openings occurred on June 13. From Arizona, Es was present on the FM broadcast band for more than 9 hours total (all times MST, which is UT-7).

The time intervals were as follows, plus maybe some activity before 7:55am when I first tuned in (all times 24-hour MST, which is UT-7):

Interval Duration SDR recordings
7:55-12:05 4:10+ 3:23
12:32-12:40 0:08
13:06-13:17 0:11
13:54-14:05 0:11 0:08
16:50-21:21 4:31 3:12
21:42-21:46 0:04
Total: 9:25+ 6:43

The SDR recordings were at 10MHz with my Airspy and my 6-element FM6 yagi antenna. Note that in the two longer openings, there were periods of several minutes where no Es stations were audible or visible on the SDR waterfall display. Also, for much of the 9 hours, the Es was weak with only a few stations in at at a time, but this will surely be the best opening for the year.

The Es reached the top of the FM band for short periods twice, the first around 9:40am, and then again during the evening activity at around 6:30pm. I logged nearly 40 stations live, and more than 100 more in the SDR recordings for a total of 147 stations identified.

I’ve put together a Google Map showing the locations of all the stations I logged, including frequency, call letters, and power. The color/symbol legend is as follows:

Symbol Interval Locations
Red circles 7:57-8:05 SD and MN
Orange squares 8:05-8:49 KS, MO, IL
Yellow diamonds 8:59-11:42 Widespread
Green stars 17:12-19:01 Widespread
Blue circles 19:13-21:01 Widespread

The time intervals correspond to the first time I logged a station, but in some cases the station flared-up in multiple time intervals. Even with this limitation, it looks like there were several ionospheric clouds responsible for the Es.


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