Log: AM broadcast band, September 30th, excellent trans-Pacific reception

Between work and being sick for a week, I haven’t had a chance to post anything about the current trans-Pacific reception season. But, it has been a pretty good one, and this day provided the best audio of the season.

Here’s what I posted to the IRCA mailing list:

This was my 14th and last TP session of the month and it was quite good, particularly Japan. 10’x18′ Conti Superloop pointing 300 degrees (a bit south of Japan). I was listening live during part of the SDR recording and had armchair quality from 774-JOUB at times, the best TP audio of the season. I checked my SDR recording for the interval 1135-1305 before running out of steam, but I doubt anything was better after that. I may have lost out on some audio due to strong splatter from California stations. I hope to post some audio at some point.

Excellent audio:
774 at 1213-1215UT and 1255-1257UT (with much good audio); EE lessons (JOUB)

Good audio:
828 at 1203UT after weak TOH pips; EE lessons (JOBB)

Fair audio:
693 at 1237UT; EE lessons (JOAB)
972 at 1157UT; sedate man talking into music (presumed HLCA)
1053 at 1203UT and later times; Korean jammer
[I accidentally left out 747-JOIB, which was ravaged by splatter from adjacent domestic stations]

Weak audio:
558 at 1136UT (could be HLQH Korea)
594 at 1259UT into TOH pips (JOAK)
657 at 1136UT (??) [Likely Pyongyang North Korea based on IRCA mailing list]
666 at 1201UT after TOH pips (JOBK)
1566 at 1202UT and later with various music and man or woman talking (presumed HLAZ)

I also had a lot of carriers but didn’t bother to tabulate them all. Anyway, here are some audio samples, mostly from Japan during their nightly English lessons on NHK Radio 2:

594-JOAK Japan into the 1300UT TOH pips:

693-JOAB Japan with English lessons at 1237UT:

774-JOUB Japan with English lessons at 1255UT, with the quality rising to excellent shortly into the recording. If only there was no splatter from 770-KKOB. These lessons can be humorous at any time, but this one is particularly good as they are studying tongue twisters!

828-JOBB Japan at 1202UT with English lessons:

972-HLCA Korea at 1157UT:

Finally, for some perspective on just how strong the 774 signal was, here is a screen shot from the SDR software:


2 thoughts on “Log: AM broadcast band, September 30th, excellent trans-Pacific reception

  1. Carl W. Dabelstein

    Always interesting reading your logging write-ups and listening to the recordings. I hope you can make it to one of our upcoming DX lunches as it would be very interesting to discuss some of these reports at length.



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