Monthly Archives: December 2016

Video blog episode 005

Now that I’ve been working on ham radio antennas, I have a couple of projects for the video blog. The first one is a 6-meter 4-element Yagi. It is designed to be semi-portable, and for me this is particularly important because it’s not practical for me to leave up an antenna for any significant length of time. Perhaps impudently, I am posting this introduction and design video before I actually have the antenna on the air! However, I have tested the antenna itself (sans 1:1 balun) with a VNA and it seems to behave more or less as expected.
I spend a lot of time talking about various design parameters and the actual modeling procedure, so this may seem a little dry if you’ve done this before. But, I try to keep my speech pace relatively slow on these videos, so there’s always the 1.25x and 1.5x speed options on YouTube.  Part II will detail the construction process, and Part III will show testing and hopefully actual on-air performance.


Amateur radio: 10-meter ARRL contest a dud

With such low solar activity, 10 meters behaves more like a VHF band in that you have to chase specific openings from sporadic-E, TEP, etc. In principle, I like that better than having “guaranteed” contacts at lower frequencies. But, I was also operating at 5 watts QRP, making it doubly challenging. Continue reading