This blog started out with postings of shortwave listening logs, then moved more to AM and FM broadcast band.  The latter two will still show up, with the addition of amateur radio content after I got licensed in May 2016.  I also link to my Arizona Signal Watcher video blog posts on YouTube.

I live roughly in the middle of Arizona and unless otherwise indicated, all radio logs are from my own personal setup and not via web-based radios and such.  See my “gear” page for more information on my setup and location.

Comment policy

I welcome comments, including confirmations (or not) of stations I’ve logged. I require a name and email address (or posting through a valid blog username), but you do not have to tell the truth on that. If you post anonymously, it would be helpful if you stick with a consistent nickname. Unless you post anonymously, only your first post will be moderated before appearing on the site. However, personal attacks, hate speech, etc. will not be tolerated. I confess that I might use mild profanity like hell and damn, but generally want to keep this PG-rated.

You can also contact me via my gmail address, “azswdxing”, same as the internal name of the blog.


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