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Upcoming projects

I had been hoping to be more active this Spring, but before I could get anything going, work intensified again. However, in May I expect to make much progress. The three main projects are:

1) Putting together a season summary of trans-Pacific AM broadcast band reception.

2) Starting my YouTube video blog on various radio-related topics. This will be associated with posts here that might give extra information not contained in the video.

3) Becoming a licensed amateur radio operator; I haven’t decided how much ham-related content I’ll put on here, but certainly some of the antenna and filtering projects I’ve been working on will be relevant.



I haven’t posted in a while, but I do intend to be more active on this blog this year. I intend to post more reception logs, including interesting ones from the recent past that never made it here. I especially want to document the increasing number of radio-related projects I am working on. That will include posts here, but I’m also shooting instructional videos for several projects and would like to post at least a video per month. I’m not sure if I’ll upgrade this site for video hosting, or use YouTube, or both, but I may be posting the first one later this month. As part of these changes, I am re-naming the blog officially to “The Arizona Signal Watcher DXing Blog”.

UNID: Help needed with two unidentified stations

I have two recent recordings of stations from Prescott AZ where I can’t make out the audio well enough to ID anything:

The first was on 1270 kHz, my loop was pointed NW-SE and I was phasing out a station to the NW with a cardioid beam centered SE. This is certainly Mexico and I can pick up a few odds and ends, but not sure if there is a good ident anywhere. Just after 6am MST or 1300UT on the 16th:

The other one was on 1450, with me phasing out my local oldies station, KNOT, 1.8 miles east as well as possible, so this station should be from the west half of the compass. This is a top-of-the-hour call at 5am MST/1200UT on the 18th; I logged KQTE right before this:
I hear something like “…Radio, K-E-V-John”.

Thanks for your help!

Log: AM BCB, November 30th, audio from Japanese station?

More AM broadcast band DXing with my 6-foot diagonal wooden-frame “loopzilla”, RTL-SDR dongle, Ham It Up upconverter combo from the back patio in Prescott, AZ.

This is just a brief page so I can get a sanity check from the IRCA list on whether I really picked up Japanese station 774 JOUB. In the audio, one can hear splatter from 770 KKOB, and variations in the noise as I play with filter settings, but the main constant audio seems to be Japanese. There’s no particular need to listen past the first minute, I just wanted to get this out quick:

Thanks for listening!

Oh, here’s a screen shot from Gqrx (not as strong as when I was getting audio):

Edit on the evening of the 30th:
First, the previous recording was from 1211UT. Here are two more snippets of audio from around 1115UT that may be a bit more intelligible than the first: