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UNID: Possible kilo-mile reception on 1340kHz?

This was with my 6-foot tuned loop, 23-foot tuned vertical, and Quantum Phaser from Prescott AZ. Earlier in the night, I picked up 1240 KODY North Platte NE, a graveyard frequency station 785 miles away. I know what I hear in the following clip from another graveyard frequency, 1340, but would appreciate any second opinions. The dominant station around this time was carrying CBS Sports, and the clips leads off with Amy Lawrence’s distinctive voice, with a female singing voice underneath. These two stations fade out and a male voice fades in for the 11pm MST TOH call:


[Edit: Okay, it looks like this is a re-log of KACH Preston ID. I thought I might be hearing “K-X-E-O”, which would have been a major catch, but seemingly unlikely. Thanks for the help!]


Log: Help with an ident and a “weird” station situation on 1220 kHz

(First, thanks to anyone from the IRCA list for taking a look/listen, and to anyone else who has any ideas.)

I was working 1220 kHz a little after midnight on the 23rd (around 0715 UT) and was able to pick out a call that really sounds like “KXPL”.  However, KXPL is 1060 out of El Paso.  Of course, there are other sound-alikes for “X” and “P”.  On the other hand, I found an unusual situation where station KMVL out of Madisonville, TX has a sister station KM2XVL which the FCC lists as an experimental station owned by the same person with city of license as nearby Huntsville, TX.  Both stations are listed at 1220.  At the KMVL website at, they show a coverage map (the bottom one), for their Adult Standards station.  They list both AM transmitters and and FM translator.  KMVL was the only set of call letters in the FCC database at 1220 that I could find that could match what I recorded, but I just can’t hear “M” as the second letter.  The other possibility I can think of is that they refer to “KM2XVL” as KXVL on the air.  Any insight as to what’s going on would be greatly appreciated. Here is the clip:

I would like to be able to log this as something, but I’m not quite sure what.  Thanks!