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Amateur radio: July 2018 antenna improvements

I haven’t been doing much amateur radio this spring and summer.  However, I want to participate in the IARU HF World Championship and CQ Worldwide VHF this month. Continue reading


Amateur radio: ongoing antenna improvements

My limited space for transmitting antennas that I can leave up for any useful length of time makes it hard to put up any sort of “normal” antenna on HF, but it also forces me to be a little creative with antennas, which is not a bad thing. Continue reading

Amateur radio: ARRL DX contest

This post is rather belated, but I thought I would finally write about the ARRL International DX Phone Contest, the weekend of March 4th.  Basically, as a U.S. mainland station the goal was to contact as many people outside the U.S. mainland in as many countries as possible, and for non-mainland the goal was to contact as many people as possible in the lower 48 states. Continue reading