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Amateur radio: ongoing antenna improvements

My limited space for transmitting antennas that I can leave up for any useful length of time makes it hard to put up any sort of “normal” antenna on HF, but it also forces me to be a little creative with antennas, which is not a bad thing. Continue reading


Amateur radio: CQ WW SSB contest report

After writing up all the prep that went into my significant effort for the CQ Magazine SSB DX contest on the 28th and 29th of October, finally the contest itself. Continue reading

Amateur radio: ARRL DX contest

This post is rather belated, but I thought I would finally write about the ARRL International DX Phone Contest, the weekend of March 4th.  Basically, as a U.S. mainland station the goal was to contact as many people outside the U.S. mainland in as many countries as possible, and for non-mainland the goal was to contact as many people as possible in the lower 48 states. Continue reading