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Log: AM BCB, December 13th-16th: A new era

AM broadcast band DXing with:
Antenna 1: 6-foot diagonal wooden-frame loop (“loop”)
Antenna 2: 23-foot “fishing rod” vertical with MFJ-1020C amplified pre-selector (“vertical”)
Combiner: Quantum Phaser (“phaser”)
Receiver: RTL-SDR dongle, Ham It Up upconverter into laptop

Includes audio of some station identifications, best heard with headphones. All times given in MST and UT; the dates are MST. Continue reading


Log: AM BCB, October 15th – Cuban stations

I continue to be occupied with AM DXing and related equipment. I still plan to put up a detailed post on tuned loops. My latest “loopzilla” is a 6-foot diagonal wooden loop that is working quite well and I’ve figured out a good way to safely mount it on a tripod. In addition, I played around with sampling rates that I’m using on the RTL-SDR dongle, Ham It Up upconverter combination and that’s helped a lot with “birdie” signals that would sometimes be right next to a wanted AM frequency. Anyway…more on that stuff later, but first a couple of nice catches. Continue reading