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Part III of the 6-meter Yagi series, including on-the-air performance

Highlights from the June ARRL VHF contest

Other ideas/plans

FM broadcast band DXing with an SDR

Small transmitting loops (STLs or “magnetic loops”) for ham radio

miniVNA Pro: How-to and examples of usage

Tips for “casual” ham radio contesting

Past episodes

Episode 010 – Audio processing for FM DXing

Episode 009 – Some random HF ham radio operating

Episode 008 – 6-meter Yagi Part II: The Build

Episode 007 – Trans-Pacific AM broadcast band reception example

Episode 006 – An RTL-SDR based AM broadcast band receiver

Episode 005 – 6-meter Yagi Part I: Intro and Design

Episode 004 – 1980s TV DXing

Episode 003 – Superloop Antenna Part III: Impedance Matching Transformer

Episode 002 – Superloop Antenna Part II: Variable Resistance Box

Episode 001 – Superloop Antenna Part I: Introduction